We at ABC Attorneys have expertise in Non-contentious matters (Search, filing) and Contentious matters (trademark opposition, IP litigation, infringement opinions support and advice in settlement negotiations) in Tanzania.


We are the premier law firm when it comes to registration of trademarks in Tanzania.  Tanzania in made up of Tanganyika and Zanzibar and trademarks isn’t a union matter hence for protection the mark has to be registered in Tanzania mainland (Tanganyika) and in Zanzibar. The Trademarks Legislations in Tanzania included the Trade and Service Marks Act, 1986 and Trade and Service Marks Regulations, 2000 and the main legislation for Zanzibar is the Trade Marks Decree, Cap. 159 and Trade Mark Rules, Government Notice No. 52 of 1932 as well as the Government Notice No. 47 of 1955.

We offer the following services in regards to trademarks registration in Tanzania:

  • Trademarks Registration in Tanzania
  • Trademarks Audit and Portfolio Management
  • Trademarks Registration in Tanzania
  • Trademarks Search
  • Trademarks investigation and strategic advise
  • Trademarks Opinion
  • Registration of Trademarks in Africa and Middle East
  • Trademarks watch Tanzania to identify competitors’ applications
  • Negotiating amicable settlements
  • Negotiating co-existence agreements
  • Negotiating and drafting assignments
  • Opinion on trade mark registrations
  • Due diligence of trade mark rights


The network we have with associates across Africa has placed us as the to go to for registration of Patents in Africa. Thanks to our network of associates overseas, we can advise on different patent laws and protect or defend you anywhere in the world (This is covered in depth on the international page). When it comes to registration of Patents in Tanzania we offer the following services:

  • Patent Registration in Tanzania
  • Patent Prosecution proceedings
  • Patent infringement Opinion
  • Conducting Patent due diligence
  • Registration of Patents in Africa and Middle East


In Tanzania over the past years there has been a lot of counterfeit good being seized and destroyed. These products are of lower quality than those intended or rather produced by the “real” manufacturers.

Counterfeiting is a very important issue for our clients and we do all we can do ensure that their brands are protected.

  • We do help our clients in identifying counterfeit goods
  • We help notifying our clients of suspicion relating to the same
  • We go a step further with the help of law enforcement bodies in seizing the counterfeit goods
  • We help our clients in developing brand protection and anti counterfeiting policy


Our services in relation to Design rights includes:

  • We give advise on the best form of design protection
  • General advice regarding Registered Design filing strategies
  • Infringement of registered and unregistered design rights
  • Advice on licensing and assignment of designs


Abc Attorneys Intellectual property lawyers are experienced in reviewing existing or potential intellectual property portfolios. Our attorneys do advise clients on future products and services and identify possible intellectual property so as to be able to recommend the best ways to protect that intellectual property. We do recommend to clients best way to proceed, look at alternative strategies and provide cost estimates for the various routes to protection. We are also experienced in reviewing the existing intellectual property portfolios, so as to ascertain the status of intellectual property rights, and to advise on ownership.


At ABC attorneys we conduct IP due diligence in Tanzania by doing an assessment of one of more third party IP rights in the context of a proposed transaction of which encompases things such as IP ownership and egistrability .this more often than not are required during the course of proposed mergers and acquisitions in Tanzania by our clients . Ip due diligence moreover has helped our clients from Tanzania and out of Tanzania mitigate commercial risk.


We feel that after sometime it is best to review IP assets worthness and see if they align with the business objectives as well as what the market is.We do this so as to help your business achieve its objectives efficiently and in the best cost effective way. We help our clients in striking that balance between cost and protection of their businesses especially their IP Assets by giving advise such as refining the scope of goods, or to dissociate certain IP assets that are no longer of strategic value.


At ABC Attorneys we our strength is backed up by our litigation background in civil and criminal law of which we have over the years managed to integrate with Intellectual property making our litigation skills impeccable. We defend our clients’ patents and trademarks before the Registrar and the high court.